Use Vim as a Python IDE

I love vim and often use it to write Python code. Here are some useful plugins and tools for building a delightful vim python environment, escpecially for Vim8:

Switch from spacemacs to vim painlessly

It’s obvious that I am both a vimmer and spacemacs user (not a spacemacs hacker, yet). I was really amazed by spacemacs’ beautiful GUI and mnemonic keybindings when using it at the first time. Now, I oftern use spacemacs in GUI environment. However, I still prefer vim in terminal, for it’s much faster than emacs, especially when opening some small files.


This post will mainly analysis the perceptron alrorithm introcuded in the book Python Machine Leerning, whose github address is here. Actually, I will pay much attention to the code analysis step by step, not the theoretical introduction, which is easy to comprehend.

Third Maximum Number

414. Third Maximum Number:


本文最初写于 2016 年 4 月发表于我的博客, 当时只是大略地给出了渐进理解的轮廓,很多内容也是粗糙的很,今天在这里重新梳理一遍。